The Champion English Short Movie in TACES 2022

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  • 9 December

Students of English Literature Study Program, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, ASEAN’s Best Private University became the Champion of English Short Movie entitled “Diamond in the Mud” at TACES 2022 organized by Telkom University at the national level.
The Student are:
1. Shavina Lestiani (2020)
2. Sahat Parulian Prantinus Kaban (2020)
3. Devi Ratnawati (2020)
4. Rifka Puspawarni (2019)
5. Dimas Ardian (2020)
6. M.Rizky Mulia (2019)

Congratulations to all the outstanding student and Supervisor Mr.  Suprayogi.
Thank you Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for its support and hopefully the  students of  Universitas  Teknokrat Indonesia can continue to excel.

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