S1 Physical Education


In 2025, it becomes a center for education and development of superior educators in Sumatra and international standards with graduates who are competent in the field of sports teaching, competitive, noble character and entrepreneurial spirit based on science and technology.


  1. Organizing a quality sports education study program through a curriculum that synergizes with the  world of work and is supported by technological and information excellence;
  2. Develop research in the field of teaching and sports science and publish it at the national level;
  3. Carrying out community service to apply sports knowledge and skills;
  4. Organizing cooperation in the field of teaching and sports science with various parties on a local and national scale.



Graduate Profile

Profile Description According to KKNI Level 6



Sports Education Graduates can teach sports education in Elementary (Elementary), Secondary (SMP / SMA / SMK) Schools, and Special Needs Schools (SLB)


Fitness Instructor

Sports Education graduates who are able to become personal trainers and fitness instructors in fitness centers


Sports Coaches and Coaches

Sports Education graduates are able to become coaches or coaches in sports both at the regional and national levels


Sports Manager

Sports Education graduates are able to make the right decisions based on information and data analysis, and are able to provide instructions in choosing various alternative solutions independently or in groups. Responsible for one's own work and can be given responsibility for the achievement of organizational work



Sports Education graduates can become referees in sports, such as futsal referees, football referees, basketball referees, volleyball referees, badminton referees, etc.


Sports Entrepreneurship

Sports Education graduates are able to become fitness center entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of sports equipment and other sports facilities.

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