Sekar Kinasih, Student of English Literature Study Program Fly the Teknokrat Flag in The United States

Sekar Kinasih, student of English Literature Study Program who passed and was selected as a recipient of the YSEALI Academic Program International Youth Exchange Scholarship in the United States, has arrived in Paman Sam’s country safely. Sekar unfurled Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Flag in front of the Main Building of the University of Nebraska Omaha where Sekar carried out his Study Abroad. Sekar said, for 3 days in America, more social activities went down to the surrounding community or foundation.  If in class only one or two times learn about introduction to civic engagement.

Sekar’s departure to America also gained another experience, namely carrying out Ramadan fasting in the land of people with longer fasting times. Sekar hopes that all the programs here run smoothly. He also asked for prayers to be given health and smoothness while undergoing this program at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.Hopefully Sekar’s achievement can spark the motivation of other students to excel in their respective fields.