Outstanding Student – Story Telling

Let’s get to know Muhammad Rizki Mulia, an English Literature student who has ASIA Storytelling level achievements.

Rizki is a final semester student who is active in Teknokrat English Club Student Activity, Rizki is busy in compiling his Final Project/Thesis, Rizki also teaches as Coaching English Club at SMA 14 Bandarlampung, and Teaching English at SD Baitul Jannah Islamic School.

The following are the achievements that Rizki had while undergoing as a student at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia:

– Quarter Finalist Storytelling Asian English Olympic 2023
– 1st Place in National Storytelling FancyUkba Padang State University 2022
– 1st Place in National Storytelling Lovecomp Unila 2022

– 1st Place in Telkom University National Short Film 2022

– National Outstanding Student Award for Technocrats 2021

– 3rd Place in National Storytelling Brawijaya English Tournament 2021 

– Finalist Muli Mekhanai Lampung Province 2021

– Mekhanai Tanggamus Regency 2021

– Putra Wisata Photogenic Lampung 2021

– 1st Place Putra Wisata Lampung 2021
– 4th Place in Reciprocating Pantun Competition Lampung Province level 2019

– 1st Place & Best Prepare Storytelling Technocrats Student Language Olympiade and Entrepreneurship 2019

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