Documentation of English Literature Student Drama

English Literature Study Program, Faculty of Arts and Education, has held a Drama Performance on February 5, 2022 at the Lampung Arts Council, which was an Outcome-based activity from the “PEMENTASAN DRAMA” subject in the Odd semester of 2021/2022, entitled “Singularity”

The drama told the story of “Ilona Hanz, a beautiful and perfect 17-year-old girl who comes from a harmonious, rich, and respected family. There is no shortage or difficulty that wants to stop in his life until a tragedy snatches his world. Yes, the perfect world in the girl’s grasp disappeared in an instant. The girl becomes blind to happiness, she forgets what happiness means because of the darkness that continues to embrace the beautiful girl. The perfect Ilona is gone. How long will Ilona have to feel cold and dark like this? Will the light pull her in and allow Ilona to come out of the dark embrace?”

The performance was guided by Dina Amelia, M.Hum. and played by:

– Shavina Lestiani as Ilona Hanz

– Ardhany Esa Ramadhan as Jasper

– Rizma Amalia Sa’adah as Mrs. Smith

– Dini Andyta Wardani as Kyla Smith

– Dimas Ardian Febriansyah as Mr. Hanz

– Oni Azalia as Mrs. Hanz

– Edho Anggara Putra as Mr. Ryan Johnson

– Mazda Karima Soly as Ms. Julia Franz

– Muhammad Hasib Asaidi as William Andres

– Fitzal Rifqi Tarangga as Robber 1

– Andhika Putra Febriansyah Robber 2

This activity was fully supported by the Academic Community of FSIP UTI and continues to apply health protocols. Thanks were also given to:

Akhyar Rido, Ph.D. as Vice Rector for Academic Affirs

Dr. Heri Kuswoyo, M.Hum. as Dean of FSIP

Mr/Mrs Deputy Dean

Mr/Mrs Head of Study Program

as well as Mr/Mrs Lecturers in the FSIP UTI who were also present in the drama .

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