Documentation of Detasering Mathematics Education and Sports Education

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia as a  Target   University  succeeded in  getting Grants  in two programs, namely Learning Program  in which  there are Curriculum and Textbook Review  activities, with a Detaser  Dr. Hendri Bustamam, MS from Bengkulu University  and Research Program  related to the preparation of grant proposals and writing  qualified scientific articles for publication in  Reputable International Journals, with Detasers Prof. Dr. Wara Dyah Pita Rengga, MT, from Semarang State University.

Detasering is a  detaser  lecturer assignment program (expert) at the Target University  (Pertisas) which requires the expertise of    a Detaser  to provide assistance   in  improving the quality of Tri Darma and Governance in Target Universities.
The detasering grant   at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is carried out by the Mathematics Education and Sports Education Study Program  which is carried out from September 26  , 2022 to October 19, 2022 through Zoom Meeting and by    offline on October 24-28, 2022 at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia and Horison Hotel Lampung Meeting  Room.  

In  this activity,  a review  of curriculum manuscripts,  MBKM implementation manuals, MBKM RPS,  and  FGD related to the study program    curriculum has    been carried out with graduates and graduate users Mathematics Education  and Sports Education Study Program. In addition,  11 drafts  of textbooks have also  been reviewed compiled by lecturers of  FSIP, FTIK, and FEB Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.
The second program  is the Research Program.  Activities in the Research Program  have been carried out  online for 20 days with review  activities for  DRPM Grant Proposals and  Lecturer Kedaireka,  Drafts  of  lecturers’  scientific articles, Student Creativity Program Proposals  , and  Student Scientific Articles.