Bagas Maulana – The Winner of National Storytelling at ALSA English Challenge UNPAD 2022

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  • 9 December

Bagas Maulana, student of English  Literature Study Program,  Faculty of Arts and  Education, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, once again won 1st place in English Storytelling Competition at ALSA English Challenge 2022.  This competition was held by  a group of  students who are members of ALSA Local Chapter UNPAD, Faculty of Law, Padjadjaran University.   This activity will be held online on  September 23-26, 2022  .

Bagas Maulana came out as the  1st winner ahead of the  Yogyakarta Ministry of Health Poltekes in  the second position which was announced on  September 26, 2022 representing Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in the  competition,  the competition consists of only one round,  namely a  live round where participants perform a storytelling performance via zoom.   Bagas interpreted the theme How students respond to cultural theft.

Bagas Maulana brings stories about literature  students who travel the  world to see various cultures but apparently find 1 kingdom where a lot of art is owned by  the region others are stolen by them with cultural appropriation which in the end is just a plot to make a profit. This story  is  also packaged using a fantasy setting  where the  student (the  main character) is a dwarf who travels the world seeing the art of goblins, elves and humans  .

Previously, Bagas Maulana has been active in  various  storytelling and literature activities:

1st Place in  ALSA English Competition Universitas Indonesia 2022

1st Place in Storytelling  Bina Dharama Rector’s Trophy 2021

Storytelling Competition Jury in  Tunas Mekar Indonesia (TMI) Cup 2022  at the national level

Seeing this achievement, Bagas admitted that he  was proud because he  was able to participate in the competition  well. During  the competition, Bagas was already  at Khairun Ternate  University to take part in the Independent  Student Exchange (PMM) so that preparations were  not made at the  home campus.

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