FSIP UTI Establishes Collaboration with FKIP Universitas Majalengka

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia received a visit from the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Majalengka University (UNMA) on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.The group consisted of 8 people, namely Dr. Yoyo Zakaria Ansori, M.Pd. (Dean of FKIP UNMA), Udi Sahudi, M.Pd. (Vice Dean 1), Dr. Pipik Asteka, M.Pd. (Vice Dean 2), Dr. Rama Dwika Herdiawan, M.Pd. (Head of the English Education Study Program), Dr. Muhammad Gilar Jatisunda (Head of Mathematics Education Study Program), Dr. H. Agus Rofi’i, M.Pd., Abdur Rasyid, M.Pd., Dede Salim Nahdi, M.Pd., Eka Nurhidayat, M.Pd.

The arrival of the group had two agendas, namely the signing of the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) and the implementation of research collaboration. This PKS is also a form of realization of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia and Majalengka University. The points of cooperation in PKS between the Faculty of Arts and Education (FSIP) UTI and FKIP UNMA include Student Mobility, Visiting Lecturer, Research Collaboration (Joint Research), Publication Collaboration (Joint Publication). One of the agenda events in welcoming is the presentation of Excellent Programs from each faculty. The presenter of FSIP UTI is Dr. Heri Kuswoyo, M.Hum. And from FKIP UNMA was Dr. Yoyo Zakaria Ansori, M.Pd.

On the sidelines of the visit, a research collaboration team consisting of two FKIP UNMA lecturers (Dr. Rama Dwika Herdiawan and Eka Nurhidayat, M.Pd.) and one lecturer of FSIP UTI (Dr. Afrianto) carried out data collection activities at SMPN 22 Bandarlampung. Data collection is carried out through interviews and classroom actions. The title of the research carried out was Reactualization of Folklore in the Perspective of Modernity Using Virtual Reality (VR) as an Alternative Teaching Material for Reading in Learning after the Covid 19 Pandemic. This collaborative research targets the publication output of articles in SCOPUS indexed journals.