FSIP Dean Releases Sekar’s Departure to the United States

Sekar Kinasih, is a student of English Literature study program, Sekar passed the International Youth Exchange Program of the Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Academic Fellowship Program at the University of Nebraska, United States. Upon his release, Sekar was escorted to Radin Intan Airport by the Dean of Faculty of Arts and Education, Dr. Heri Kuswoyo, S.S., M.Hum., FSIP Lecturer and Head of the International Affairs Office Intan Hamzah, S.Pd.,  M.Pd., Tuesday (28/3/2023). The Dean of Faculty of Arts and Education advised to always maintain the good name of the campus alma mater, take advantage of the time to be able to learn, increase the wealth of knowledge and insight from developed countries. The Dean of FSIP hopes that Sekar will be successful in undergoing this program and can ignite the motivation of other students to excel in any field.