English Literature Students Pass International Youth Exchange (PPAN 2023), Singapore-Indonesia

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  • 24 November

Students of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia go international again. The student is Bagas Maulana, a student of English Literature Study Program. Bagas was selected in the Singapore – Indonesia Youth Leader Exchange Program (SIYLEP). PPAN itself is a program that organized by KEMENPORA RI to improve youth diplomacy and cross-cultural understanding.

Bagas, who is currently in 8th semester, qualified to represent Lampung Province after participating in the selection held by the Lampung Province DISPORA on May 4, 2023. Bagas achieved the highest accumulated score and successfully entered the interview selection stage. At this stage, Bagas passed a written test first by answering questions about current issues in Indonesia and International, as well as insights about Lampung culture and tourism. In the interview stage, Bagas passed four posts. First, Pos community development. Second, the cultural arts post. Third, English Language Discussion and Communication Post, and Fourth, Understanding Post on religion, pancasila, character and personality.

SIYLEP and other PPAN Programs are looking for young people in the province who are proficient in English, with a good track record of organization and social projects, are able to display art and have leader character in accordance with the philosophy of pancasila. Bagas Maulana himself has had superior achievements including:

• Co-founder of Cemara Stories

• Chairman of Hima English Literature

• President of BEM FSIP

• Assistant Lecturer of Tourism Conversation Course

• TOEFL ITP score > 550

• Independent Student Exchange (PMM) participant to Khairun University, Ternate

• 1st Place in Storytelling ALSA National English Competition UI &; UNPAD 2022

• Author of English Short Story Anthology Book “Chroniverse”

• 1 of 3 LLDIKTI Region II Outstanding Students in 2022 Congratulations to Bagas. This achievement proves that Teknokrat Students are worthy and able to compete with other large campuses in Indonesia.