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  • 9 December

Yuli Santika, student of  Mathematics Education  Faculty of Arts and Education Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia won National 1st  Place at the 2022 National Digital Competition branch of the  Digital Poster Competition organized by University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) on August 03 – September 14, 2022.   

This   competition  was attended by competition participants from Sebelas Maret University, Muhammadiyah University of  Surakarta, Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung University, Veteran Bangun Nusantara  University  and other universities.

Yuli said that the background for her taking this theme was because she  felt that the  best mathematical formula was needed to determine life success, according to the poster   she made stating to achieve success in life  can be done in several ways,  namely, money,  hardwork, knowledge and  almsgiving.   But to achieve 100% in life success the right formula is almsgiving.

Yuli formulated the  letters of the  alphabet with mathematical numbers and wrote down the results of his calculation operations.

The supervisor in this workshop is also the Head of Mathematics Education Study Program  at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Nicky Dwi Puspaningtyas, S.Pd., M.Pd.   stated that Yuli is a student who is willing to  grow and is open to suggestions so that Yuli often wins the national champion for   poster  design competitions.

Thank you Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for its support.
Hopefully, students of   Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia can continue to excel in the next competition in the   academic and  non-academic fields both nationally and internationally.

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